E. Future of interaction with the web

– i should’ve posted this sooner:

Web browsing isn’t utilizing its full potential. The internet, strangely enough,  is old-school. We perceive the internet as a large everything-connected, everywhere & instant-access information highway, which, sad to say, it’s currently not. At least not in the way we use the internet. We are using the internet in a form that’s a reflection of a dated psychical representation of this world. And by using the internet so ineffectively, we are crippling a system that has huge potential.

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B. Google is Stupid and needs to start contextual thinking

So according to my previous statement, once you turn giant, you may end up dead. At this point, Facebook, Google and Apple are in the same boat. They are vast giants with loads of cash, working and investing a lot to stay innovative and relevant. They will remain so the next decade the least, well, that’s Google and Apple, since one is a hardware manufacturer that takes seemingly longer to kill off, and the other one is very much embedded into our daily lives and has a large number of IP. Facebook though, is going to feel the punches, unless they can enter a new branch [By now, Facebook is looking into the usage of bots, which may be come an interesting service/communication tool]

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A. Product Life Cycle

Ah, the wonders of technological nature, as its spews out newer technology & products. Witness the offspring develop into experimenting teens and confusing pregnancies. And eventually, maturing into headstrong giants. Although the latter phase of life is the shortest and they wither rather quickly, with only a small remaining dedicated user base cheering for them until their inevitable death.

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